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Our Story 


Budget Printers is committed to our local community. Our history is rooted in the Hartford area since 1974. Here is the story about how we came to be here:

In early 1974, Dan and Sue Falotico became discontented with corporate life, and considered starting their own business. As any small business owner can relate Dan and Sue began while still employed, then eventually moved into the business full time. Dan and Sue’s first company was Hartford Business Forms, operating from their home in East Hartford. Later that year, the business needed an official location. They found a small shop that had the name Budget Printers in Windsor. This was a storefront brokerage business, without presses or production equipment. Dan and Sue purchased this printing business, and with it came a list of irate customers. While Dan worked at his regular full-time job, Sue answered the phone during business hours. Dan made his sales calls evenings and weekends. The small, unheated storefront was only $60 a month to rent, and during the winter, an inadequate electric heater was the only warmth available. Sue and Dan’s sister Dolores accomplished their hurried business in coats and gloves.

By March 1975, Budget Printers had already outgrown its location. The company moved across the street and purchased their first printing press. Dan attended Prince Tech for printing courses. After his regular job, he’d go to Budget Printers to work on print jobs, while Sue would assist as she could with packaging, billing or whatever had to be done.

In June 1976, Dan and Sue hired their first employee to answer the phone and take orders. In addition to sales calls and production, Dan was now involved in all aspects of business.

In June 1977, Dan and Sue found the location they considered desirable for their growing business, and purchased the building at 1996 Park Street in Hartford. They took over the end office for Budget Printers, which was about 20% of the building, set up shop and went into production with a Multi and a new Itek. This was now a dedicated printing operation, even though it was staffed only with Sue and part-time employees. Dan ran the presses on evenings and weekends, sometimes alone and sometimes with assistance.
Budget Printers continued growth necessitated expansion to the second office.
As of June 1978, Dan was still working full time, but all of his free time with Sue’s assistance during the day just weren’t enough. The business needed him full time. Three months before his 10th year at his employer, just before he would be fully vested, he terminated his job to make the full commitment to his business.

In September 1979, Dan and Sue recruited and hired their first full-time employee. Her duties included answering the phone, production paste-up, taking orders and running the press. Also in that year, Dan and Sue acquired another printing business whose owner wanted to be less active. Dan and Sue purchased his equipment and customer list. That man came on-board with Budget on a part-time basis.
Meanwhile the starting company, Hartford Business Forms, was still progressing, and another employee was hired for the sale of guest checks. Dan and Sue hired yet another employee whom became the first full time pressman for Budget Printers. Sue took a crash course in typesetting and several more people were added to the staff that included a part-time typesetter and a full time saleswoman. Then Lai, a pressman, was hired and is still working here today.

In the summer of 1981, the size of the shop had doubled again; two more offices were taken over in the expansion. A full-time paste-up person, a typesetter and another full time pressman were added to the employee roster. More equipment was purchased from a company that was closing out called the Impressionists, and their employees were hired into Budget Printers.

In 1982, Dan and Sue purchased equipment from Graphic Group, and in the process hired their salesman to replace the saleswoman who left Budget to start a family. Later, in October, Dan and Sue hired a second salesman and in November they hired a general manager.

In March of 1983, Dan and Sue looked around for more suitable quarters for their growing business. They favored the Hartford area, and found a building five blocks east in the old Reno Store. Dan and Sue moved their entire operation from 1996 Park Street down the street to 1718 Park Street, with less than a single day of interrupted production. This new space enabled Dan and Sue to bring their whole operation under one roof. Hartford Business Forms was now incorporated as the holding company and renamed Hartford Business Supply, Incorporated for Budget Printers and Budget Office Supplies. Sue was named President of the Corporation.  Within six months, the shop grew to 22 employees, 14 full time, including a new salesman, Bruce Cobleigh. With over four times the floor area of the previous location, Budget took on the aspects of a professionally managed shop. The storefront was more appealing. The new ample parking and brighter appearance attracted more customers.

In 2005, Dan and Sue bought a neighboring company, Bristol Lettering, located at 2034 Park Street. This company offers silk screening, embroidery, flags, advertising specialties and more.

In 2007, all of that operation moved into the 1718 Park Street building.
Budget has all of your printing and specialty needs under one roof.

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